August 18, 2011


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Don't despise the place you currently find yourself.  Instead of dwelling on the problems you're facing, focus on how the lessons you've been learning will help you as you move forward.

Your preparation doesn't always look like your destination.  When David was working as a shepherd boy, he probably didn't think his work tending sheep was preparing him to be king.  But it was.

The fact that what you're doing now is not what you ultimately want to do isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Your current situation has value--it's just that it's hard to appreciate it until you get past it.

You have the tools and passion you need, but you may not have the wisdom and understanding to use them.  It's one thing to have skills.  It's another thing to apply those skills and talents appropriately in your life.

While you're being prepared, you learn the ways that God has uniquely gifted you.  You learn what works for you and what doesn't.  You grow.  You develop.  You gain confidence.

You may not have asked to be where you are, but whether you recognize it or not, your present circumstances are providing you with much needed preparation.
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