September 9, 2011


Recently read a book called "Focus" by Leo Babauta.  The basic idea is that our technology driven world is constantly presenting us with distractions that clutter our lives and keep us from doing the things that really matter.

"Focus" provides strategies for eliminating these distractions and becoming more productive.  Most of it surrounds limiting your use of social networking, watching less tv and finding periods of time to "unplug" from other things that keep you from being productive.

There are two different versions of the book.  I read the free, e-book version.  It gives you the major arguments Babauta wants to convey.  There is also a premium digital version that covers the same topics but goes more in-depth and actually includes videos as well.  

There was nothing really groundbreaking about Focus.  I was just at a point where I needed to focus more, so I enjoyed reading Babauta's thoughts.  If you're interested, you can get the free version here.
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