March 31, 2011

Worth It

Just want to encourage us to do what we can to give our energy and our thoughts and our lives to things that are worthwhile. Things that will live on after we are gone. It's disappointing to see people with so much talent, potential and intelligence devote themselves to goals that aren't really significant long-term.

I commented to a friend earlier this week that I think it's vain for people to decide to do something simply because it's challenging. I think it's a sign of a lack of purpose. When there's no ultimate purpose, people get into a perpetual process of trying to outdo themselves. An endless quest for more money, or power, or attention, or [insert whatever it is you value most].

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But if we're living purposefully, for something that's worthwhile, we're not constantly trying to outdo ourselves. We're not evaluating our lives by comparing ourselves with others. We're not just searching for the next challenge. Instead we're gradually living out our purposes in greater and greater ways. And, honestly, if we're really walking the path that we were created for, we will find more than enough challenges to occupy our time.

So, we should think about what we are giving our time and effort to. For me, I want to follow Christ, build a strong family and help to inspire and provoke transformation in the lives of people and society.

What what are you dedicating your life to? Is it worth it?
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