April 7, 2011

Our Stories

I love reading biographies and I think that a person's life story is usually more interesting than any novel. A few days ago, I started reading Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by Manning Marable. I'll write a review once I'm finished, but for now, I just wanted to use the book to briefly express how much a like examining people's stories.

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It's always interesting to read about the lives of important historical figures—before they became historical figures. There was nothing about Malcolm X's early life that would hint at the person he would become. When Malcolm was a precocious teen, dabbling in petty crimes, neither he nor any one else had a clue what his future held. Often when we read about people and the way they shaped history, we forget that they spent most of their lives outside of the public spotlight. They weren't born knowing that they would influence the hearts and minds of multitudes. They were just normal people finding their way through life.

I like reading the stories of “chance” encounters and happenings that worked together to move people towards their ultimate purpose. I like stories of interactions that seemed meaningless at that time, but later proved to be quite significant. And I like cool stories like, the one of Malcolm X and Redd Foxx working together as dishwashers in a Harlem restaurant, years before either had any notoriety.

I think we all can benefit from taking the time to reflect on the the people and events that led us to the place where we currently find ourselves. Think about the moments in your past that changed your life's trajectory. Think about the casual acquaintances who later became important in your life. Think about the words that seemed like nothing to the speaker, but changed the life of the hearer (you!) forever.

I don't know about you, but when I think about these things it makes me even more certain that God is orchestrating a story for all our lives that is more complex than we could ever imagine. And I like that.

What are some of the moments that shaped your life's story?
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Unknown said...

I really like this post! It reminded me of Oprah's story and how the pieces of her life led to who she is today. I think about God's big picture often. I like to think of our lives as one big tapestry or painting and God is the artist. He is so God! He sees the end result and we have to trust Him with every stroke of His brush.

A moment that shaped my life's story was marrying my prince...

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