July 1, 2011

Week's Best Links (7/2/11)

Here are my two favorite links from the past week:

Flipping the Extrovert Switch by Jonathan Fields.  - It's hard to be an introvert when the work you do requires you to be public and personable.  The temptations is for introverts to try to morph themselves into someone they're not for the sake of their profession.  In this post, Jonathan pushes back on that tendency and encourages introverts to accept who they are and "flip the extrovert switch" when needed.

A Fundamental Disagreement I'm Having on How We "Do Church" by Shaun King. - Shaun raises important points that question some of the motivations behind our approach to church.  I agree with him that it's always important to go back to the Gospels to remind us of what's really important.

Photo Credit:  stock.xchng

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