June 25, 2011

Week's Best Links (6/25/11)

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A few of my favorite links of the past week.

The truth?  It's simpler...and harder than you think  by Andy Swan. - Great encouragement to push yourself to become better at whatever is important to you.  How to get better is not complex, but it takes alot of work.  This post was written almost a month ago, but I just discovered it this week.

7 life lessons from the very wealthy from The Washington Post. - Interesting insights into what people with a lot of money really value in their lives.

Be Nice to the Cleaners by Chris Guillebeau. - A reminder that we should always treat people with respect and courtesy, regardless of their status.  If you're having a bad day, think of the negative impact that you would have if you took it out on those around you.  That may be the only impression of you they'll ever have.
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