July 2, 2010

Good Investments

People think nothing of “investing” thousands of dollars and four years of their lives getting a college degree but may look disapprovingly at someone who invests time building a career that is outside of the norm.

People may ridicule others for devoting time to their passions because they don't like the uncertainty involved. What if you never make it? How will you support yourself? These are valid questions and concerns, but people don't ask these questions simply because they're valid. People ask these questions because they're afraid.

People don't make money while they're in college and they usually take on a considerable amount of debt in the process. Most people don't enter college with the guarantee of a job. Despite the fact that college presents nearly as many uncertainties as entrepreneurship, college is seen as a safe and acceptable form or means of investing in oneself.

Just one of many examples of how the approach we take towards life is not based on actual facts, but rather is shaped by our fears and our preconceptions about what is expected of us.

Life is filled with uncertainties. Don't allow fears to trick you into chasing the illusion of security.
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LaNeshe said...

At this point no path is really secure so you mine as well just follow your dreams.

Trevor said...

Yeah, pretty much. We don't really have anything to lose.

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