March 14, 2012

Look Closer

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The world is more complex than it's ever been. In order to make good decisions, we have to be willing to devote more thought to the things around us. We shouldn't allow ourselves to be swayed with slick marketing when the tools needed to make informed decisions are easier to access than they've ever been.

I recently told someone that people like good marketing more than they like good products.  The desire for  companies, authority figures and the media to make us feel a certain way leaves us open to being manipulated far too easily.  

It frustrates me that, in a world where information is readily available, hundreds of thousands of people watch a short, (albeit well-produced) video and walk away believing they have a full understanding of a complex conflict that's been going on for decades. 

People watch the cable news network that most closely aligns with their political perspective and walk away thinking they've got the whole picture. 

People hear a couple of sermons with a few Scriptures (usually taken out of context) and walk away thinking that they have a handle on theological issues that people have wrestled with for thousands of years.

We owe it to ourselves to resist our tendency to view things one-dimensionally and take the time and study necessary to more fully grasp the issues that confront us.  Taking a more thoughtful, deliberate approach isn't always easy--I get that.

But if we want to have meaningful discussions and make informed decisions about important matters we have to look at things from more than just one perspective.
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