July 27, 2011

4 Random Blog Tips

A few miscellaneous blogging tips...

Read.  Whether it's other blogs or news articles or books, reading makes you aware of new ideas.  It also helps you to grow and develop as a person.  If you use words to influence people in any way (to inspire, inform, encourage, entertain, etc) reading can only help.

Set up domain email using Google Apps.  In other words, instead of having your blog email address be something like: yourname@gmail/yahoo/ you can make it  I've seen blogging gurus charge around $45 to do this for people, but you can do it yourself by following the instructions provided in the link.

Get a Gravatar.  A Gravatar, is a globally recognized avatar.  Once you have a gravatar, your pic and link to your site appears when you post comments on other blogs/sites even when there's no "sign-in" option.

Evernote.  Use Evernote to gather and sync information no matter where you are.   Inspiration and ideas for blog posts don't always come when you happen to be at your computer.  I talk more about Evernote here.
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