May 25, 2011


Most people are educated beyond their obedience” - John Maxwell
In other words, we want to know more but we don’t always live by the things we already know to be true.  It's the obeying or doing that actually matters though.

We have a flawed understanding of what it means to be "deep".  Being deep is not about saying something clever or catchy or even profound.  Much more important than words, are actions.  Knowing something is one thing; the deep part is actually living it.

Knowing that you should forgive is one thing.  But when you actually forgive people you appreciate the forgiveness that God has given you even more.

Hearing that you should love your enemies is great.  But showing love to people who mistreat you, gives you a deeper understanding of God’s love.

When you believe for something and watch it come to pass, you get a greater understanding of faith and God's faithfulness.

We all know things are easier said than done.   We should be pushing past simply learning, and actually do more.  We can't allow ourselves to get caught up in how eloquently someone speaks or tweets or writes, etc.  We've got to find ways to make these great principles and ideas realities.  We can be deeper.
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