February 24, 2011

Tweets of the Week

Here are a few of the tweets that caught my attention this week...

1- Just thought this was a funny (perhaps true) tweet regarding marriage.

2-In my opinion, a blog or website that carries your name should basically be about you as a person. Your life, your thoughts, etc. Most blogging experts would suggest that specifying a specific focus or niche for your blog will make it more likely to be read and they may be right. I just think that people can be more interesting (and complex) than ideas. I also think that by writing things that are of yourself, you keep from morphing into a one-dimensional, online caricature of the person you really are.

3-This tweet just reminded me of God's process and perspective on our lives. This process is true of anything truly great in life. It's a lesson that is important to remember when life gets frustrating or when you've put in effort, but have yet to see the fruit of it.

4-Another good bit of advice. I think that it's really important to understand that true wisdom can come from almost any source. When someone offers advice, we should be humble enough to at least hear them out. 

This is not a Twitter ad, but one of the reasons I enjoy it more than the other social network is the insightful, funny, thought-provoking and informative updates that I receive from such a diverse group of people.  Just thought I'd share.
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