February 10, 2011

I Use Google Reader

I love learning and one of the best tools I've found to keep up with new information is Google Reader.  Instead of scouring the internet to check for updates on sites I like, I use Google Reader to bring the information to me.  Basically it works like this:
  1. I find (stumble upon) a site/blog that has interesting content
  2. I click the "subscribe" link/button on the site's page. 
  3. From that point on, each new post on the site gets sent to my google reader inbox
Using a site like Google Reader allows me to quickly get a handle on what's new at the sites that I enjoy most.  It also means I don't have to remember to check each individual site everyday--I just wait for it to pop up in my inbox.

If you like reading good content but don't have the time to search it out, a tool like Google Reader can really help you stay informed.
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LaNeshe said...

I LOOOOOVE Google Reader, it makes keeping up with all the blogs I read so much easier.

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