December 9, 2010


 So, I got married last Saturday. There are so many emotions involved in uniting your life with another person that it's really hard to fully grasp the full magnitude of the commitment we've made. I have a great wife who loves me and who is so beautiful, caring and fun. It's comforting and exciting to know that you have a companion with whom you can share this life. 

 Our wedding was really like a dream. We were surrounded by friends and family who came out in the snow to see us joined together. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of love and support and excitement people have shown us during this time.

About a week ago, I was talking with a friend about the difference between a marriage and a wedding. A marriage is the act of making a covenant, or promise/commitment to love and care for someone for the rest of your life. A wedding is the celebration of that commitment. I'm beginning my journey toward living out this life-long commitment and I'm thankful for everyone who celebrated with us.

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LaNeshe said...

Congrats! Marriage is a wonderful thing.

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