July 22, 2010

The Problem With Politics

Politicians, for the most part ,do as much or as little as they think the people will let them get away with. Instead of taking the risks that are needed to effect real change, they maintain the status quo or make superficial adjustments in order to keep from alienating their constituents. It's not that all politicians are bad, I just that the system we have in place doesn't facilitate good leadership.

There is always going to be compromise or a watering down of your beliefs when your livelihood is primarily dependent on how many people like you. We call politicians leaders but how much leeway do they actually have to lead? Are they supposed to be leaders with the freedom to make decisions or simply representatives, put in place to execute the whatever the people wish? How can you consistently do what's best when you're constantly concerned with what people will think about your decisions?

I don't think that the person I vote for should simply do whatever I think is right. I think it's more important to elect honest, clear-headed, passionate, visionaries into office and let him/her make the decisions he/she feels are best. Ultimately, I think the people really do have the power. Politics is what we make it.

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LaNeshe said...

Nice post. You bring up a good point. A lot of politics is making people happy, so sometimes the things that would be more efficient don't get done because we don't really give our politicians the slack to make decisions that are contrary to what we want.

Trevor said...

Yeah, we all want our way, but we should understand that sometimes what's best for the greatest number of people may not be what's in our immediate, personal best interests.

Anonymous said...

I think what you said is very true! We are supposed to be selecting leaders who will lead courageously because they've already proven to us that they have what it takes (or else we wouldn't have voted for them in the first place). In addition, I do believe that any great leader will lead with the people's best interest at heart, sometimes choosing what's unpopular but beneficial to all.

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